Ekphrasis of Sia

“We were shocked one weekend not long ago

by the upload and viral spread of a new music video by Sia; a new single, dropped. (Mic, dropped). This video features, in no small way, the violent act of applying rainbows to one’s cheeks, of empathizing with and creating dialogue around and inciting to the ‘violence of the blank page’¹ those who are victims of social and political acts of war.”

published By Punch Drunk Press, 2017

“We live in a volatile era in the history of our country, whether we choose to believe it or not.

We live in a time when our words are more misconstrued than before by our electronic distance from one another, by our reliance on text. Do not misapprehend me; I will also be talking to you about this. I will be relying on you to make your own informed decision about action and inaction that I am currently placing before you, on a platter.

I will force you to choose.”