Ca’Venezia and Other Tales
Forthcoming from Partial Press

We Knew No Mortality
Memories of Our Spiritual Home: Poetry and Prose

30 Days Dry


Barely South Review, 2018: “Postface as Memory”

Mount Analogue, 2017: “Activism and the Beats”

Punch Drunk Press, 2017: “Ekphrasis of Sia”

Roar: Literature and Revolution by Feminist People, 2017: “Activism and the Beats”

The Adirondack Review, 2017: “Narcissus”, “Sleepwalker’s Ballad”, “Nueva York (Office and Denunciation)”, “Adam”

Kairos: “Body: Domain”

Columbia Journal: “Mistranslation of Dante’s Inferno”

Water, Water Everywhere: “Sublimation”

Verde Que Te Quiero Verde, 2017: “Impicture”

Mosaic Literary Journal: “Death at a Reading, or Poetic Justice”

Thought Notebook Webzine: “If a hobo”

Thought Notebook: “I Am/Who Am”

Roots Literary Journal

Baseball Bard: “America’s Game”

Tooth N’ Nail: Sammie Jo Sequence

Literature Emitting Diodes: “I am solar”

Rollick Magazine: “Pins“, “Sammie Jo“, and “OdAmore

Chicago After Dark Anthology: “City of Steel”


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