Ca’Venezia and Other Tales

Forthcoming in 2018 from Partial Press

We Knew No Mortality
Memories of Our Spiritual Home: Poetry and Prose

Forthcoming in 2018 from In Extenso Press of Acta Publications

30 Days Dry with Thought Collection Publishing

In his first poetry collection, Robert Eric Shoemaker delves deeply into the darkest haven, a rift filled with addictions of harmful and placid varieties many are familiar with. Over the course of a month the writer’s attempts to remain sober and clean of all contaminants demonstrate an on-going internal battle, studded with triumphs and failures, moments of insight and moments of pain. Shoemaker’s language brims with the electrical quality of one on the edge, living as best one can under societal and artistic pressures, as well as personal demons. Shoemaker’s story and poetic voice are empathetic to the plight of multitudes. Sparkling with hope dipped in chaos, “30 Days Dry” proclaims with gusto the possibility of a future free of abuse.

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30 Days Dry

Barely South Review, 2018: “Postface as Memory”

Mount Analogue, 2017: “Activism and the Beats”

Punch Drunk Press, 2017: “Ekphrasis of Sia”

Roar: Literature and Revolution by Feminist People, 2017: “Activism and the Beats”

The Adirondack Review, 2017: “Narcissus”, “Sleepwalker’s Ballad”, “Nueva York (Office and Denunciation)”, “Adam”

Kairos: “Body: Domain”

Columbia Journal: “Mistranslation of Dante’s Inferno”

Water, Water Everywhere: “Sublimation”

Verde Que Te Quiero Verde, 2017: “Impicture”

Mosaic Literary Journal: “Death at a Reading, or Poetic Justice”

Thought Notebook Webzine: “If a hobo”

Thought Notebook: “I Am/Who Am”

Roots Literary Journal

Baseball Bard: “America’s Game”

Tooth N’ Nail: Sammie Jo Sequence

Literature Emitting Diodes: “I am solar”

Rollick Magazine: “Pins“, “Sammie Jo“, and “OdAmore

Chicago After Dark Anthology: “City of Steel”


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