Classical Entertainment Society

Website banner. Credit: Katie Muenck

“As much as they strive to redefine the classical, if there’s one tradition CES does maintain, it’s the tradition of taking their audience through the delightful world theater has to offer.

[Shoemaker says] ‘Really what we want is for you to come away with the scope of possibility of performance on campus and a sense of fulfillment, the fulfillment of an enjoyable performance experience.'”
– Her Campus, Annie Pei

I served as the Artistic Director of the University of Chicago’s Classical Entertainment Society from spring 2011 to spring 2014.
During that time, I was responsible for massive reforms of the group’s infrastructure and programming, including the establishment of a  CES Festival of classically based theatre and several partnerships with community groups including the Classics Department and the Hyde Park Community Players.
I produced my plays Beowulf,  Tiresias, and Blood Weddin’, as well as a collaborative new script Iron Bridal Feast, as part of our continuing relationship with the Classics Department.