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Sarah Ruhl
“That separation, between one’s writing and one’s life, is as porous as a sponge, as thin as a petal, as important and reversible as a zipper on a thick coat on a cold day. One needs it desperately. And also, it does not exist. Does that makes sense?” [SARAH RUHL, PLAYWRIGHT & AUTHOR OF “EURYDICE”]

Chuck Mee
“People who believe in God believe that God created the universe; created something out of nothing,” said Mee. “But we human beings start with a world that’s already been created, so we’re born into a world that has civilizations and histories and music and painting and families, so by the time we’re a few years old, we’ve already absorbed a tremendous amount. So we’re not making something out of nothing — we’re remaking.” [Chuck mee, Playwright & Author of “Big Love”]
Greg Allen
“I’m in my fifties, thinking about legacy and mortality, and interested in how we live our day-to-day lives knowing that death is coming. How do we get through, what can we do, what choices do we make when death is looming? Do we live with healthy or counterproductive illusions?” [GREG ALLEN, DIRECTOR & CREATOR OF “TOO MUCH LIGHT”]

Kimberly Senior
“I’ll say, this has to be a moment of confrontation- but it can be a pinch, or a tickle, not the same thing every time…Our knowledge of the play changes. Because we are ever-changing, the work has to be changing…It’s the only profession where we want the professionals to feel terrified.” [Kimberley Senior, Director]

FBI agent Zach Shelton

“I gave the information of Files to a private investigator…got together with a producer in California when I retired, and I interviewed Files from there, and the rest is history.” That history is the subject of “Assassination Theater: Chicago’s Role in the Crime of the Century,” which reinforces Shelton’s claim that the Chicago mob was responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy. [Zach Shelton, FBI Agent]


John Patrick Shanley strums a heartfelt chord with “Outside Mullingar.”


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