Mistranslation of Dante’s Inferno

Published on Columbia Journal, August 2017

A Mistranslation of Dante’s Inferno

amidst walk our life
I discovered myself through a dark wood
for the True path was lost
when to speak is hard
full trees strong dense unquantifiable
renew thought renews my fear
little more bitter death
but to try the good out I search
I speak of other things seen



is it most unclear whether one or the other is better?
let Us try again.
in the Spanish earth
i find him moldering
beneath a pine slat
as if someone recently moved the body
and he clawed to life
imp word creature
who ended dead dude
ended homophonic
and we decided idoled
and thus it became
both ends burning
their ro(o)ts

Published in Verde Que Te Quiero Verde, 2017

Poems after Federico García Lorca


Four Poems by Lorca

Four Poems

Published in The Adirondack Review, 2017


Sleepwalker’s Ballad

By Federico García Lorca 


green I want you green
green wind                                                                                                   green branches
The boat about the sea
And the horse on the mountain.
With her shadow at her waist,
She dreams on her railing,
green flesh                                                                                                                 green hair
With eyes of cold silver.
green I want you green
Beneath the gypsy moon,
Some things are watching her
And she cannot watch them.

Continued in The Adirondack Review

with “Narcissus”, “Nueva York: Office and Denunciation”, and “Adam”